Thursday, 24 January 2013

SugarCRM Customization: An Overview

SugarCRM – the popular open-source and social CRM – empowers organizations to win and keep happy customers. SugarCRM is modern and flexible by design and allows for a great deal of customization. Basic customizations can be done through its Admin interface without touching its code base. Advanced business needs entail custom SugarCRM development requiring code changes to powerfully customize and extend SugarCRM to fit the exact way you do business.

Basic SugarCRM Customization (No Coding)

You can carry out common customizations of SugarCRM to fit your existing business processes without touching any underlying code. To make basic
SugarCRM customization, you don't need a separate application or developer's tools either. Common SugarCRM customizations can be done from the Admin screens with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. SugarCRM provides the most common CRM functionality that everybody uses and offers a set of easy tools that make it simple to configure the application. The Admin interface provides some great components for you to customize your SugarCRM instance such as the following:

SYSTEM: These tools you configure the system-wide settings specific to your organizational context, e.g. System Settings, Locale, Currencies, Languages, Global Search, Connectors, Scheduler, Import Wizard, Upgrade Wizard, Backups, Repair, Diagnostic Tool, Themes, and Activity Streams. Some of the default locale setting can be overridden by users within their user settings page.

DEVELOPER TOOLS: These let you build and customize modules, manage fields and configure tabs with some powerful yet intuitive tools such as Studio, Module Builder, Module Loader, Dropdown Editor, Rename Modules, Display Modules and Subpanels, and Configure Module Menu Filters.

EMAIL: Email tools – Email Settings, Campaign Email Settings, Inbound Email, and Email Queue – enable you to manage outbound and inbound emails. Configuration of email settings is a mandatory for users to be able to send out email and newsletter campaigns.

SUGAR CONNECT: These tools – Sugar Support Portal, Sugar Updates, Online Documentation – let you connect to various SugarCRM services whereby one can access forums / wiki / FAQs / latest Sugar downloads, file and study bugs, request new features, etc.

USERS: Tools for user management, role management, and password management. For example, these let the Admin add, edit, activate, and deactivate Sugar users.

BUG TRACKER: Lets you manage releases and versions for your product.

Advanced SugarCRM Customization (Code Level)

In addition to the above basic no-code customizations, SugarCRM can be much more powerfully customized and extended to fit any advanced business need your organization may have. You may visit Sugar developer guide documentation for details about the structure of SugarCRM code and how to best customize it. Or you may outsource SugarCRM customization and extension needs of yours to a reliable onshore or offshore custom SugarCRM development company. A good custom SugarCRM development company can not only ease and accelerate the customization process, but also add significant value by bringing their years of diverse SugarCRM customization experience to the table.

Mindfire – Custom SugarCRM Development Company

Mindfire Solutions, backed by its investments in building SugarCRM expertise and successful project execution experience over the years, provides a wide range of trusted SugarCRM development services including SugarCRM configuration, customization, extension, integration, migration, support and maintenance. If you want to customize and/or extend
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