Thursday, 14 February 2013

Salesforce Customization - Enabling UI Settings

Every organization wants customized applications for their business. Organizations using Salesforce CRM want their Salesforce-CRM to be customized so that it best fits their business processes, their scenarios, and their users. Although advanced Salesforce customization requires code changes involving Apex and Visualforce (and typically help of a Salesforce development services provider), most basic configuration and customization can be done through Salesforce-CRM's intuitive point-and-click admin interface.

A Salesforce Administrator has the required permissions and privilege to configure and customize to fulfill many common needs. Through "Personal Setup", all users can update their personal information like My Personal Information, Email, Import, Desktop Integration, and My Chatter Settings. However, if you are a Salesforce Administrator, you have many additional options at your disposal to configure and customize Application Setup and Administration setup.

App Setup:
App Setup is your doorway to Customize, Create, Develop, Deploy, Installed Packages, AppExchange Marketplace, and Critical Updates. You can customize a lot of things. One Salesforce Administrator may have the following Customize options in their Salesforce CRM: Tab Names & Labels, Home, Activities, Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Quotes, Forecasts, Cases, Self-Service, Call Center, Contracts, Solutions, Products, Partners, Ideas, Answers, Assets, Users, Console, Content Deliveries, Tags, Reports & Dashboards, Search, Chatter, and User Interface. For example, if you wanted to customize user interface for your organization's Salesforce users, you can get started from Admin User > Setup > App Setup > Customize > User Interface > ... you get the idea, right?

Administration Setup:
Similarly, Administration Setup provides a host of options. One may find options to Manage Users (Users, Roles, Profiles, Public Groups, Login History, etc), Company Profile, Security Controls, Communication Templates, Translation Workbench, Data Management, Monitoring, Mobile Administration, Desktop Administration, Email Administration, Google Apps, a typical organization's Administration Setup.

Enabling User Interface Settings:
The following are some common Salesforce customization (user interface) done by an Administrator:
User Interface Node: This enables or disables features for all users. You may want to enable Hover Details to pop open a small balloon containing the most important information while hovering over links of records. You may to allows users to collapse or expand sections containing fields relevant to them through Collapsible Sections. You may want to allows users to double click on to a field and change the information contained therein instead of editing the whole page through Inline Editing. Or you may want to allows users, through Enhanced Lists, to change multiple records at once, to change columns, to see how many pages of records we have, etc.
Profile Permissions: This determines how one sees Salesforce and what they can do in Salesforce. Not all profiles are created alike. You can control Tab visibility, Page layouts, and System permissions (like Report Builder) through Profile permissions.
Chatter: Enabling feed tracking will place a Chatter feed at the top of an object page. Some of the fields (account name, account owner, opportunity name, etc) are automatically enabled when you turn on Chatter, but as an Admin you can add additional fields, too.

The above are simple examples of enabling user interface settings. Real-life
Salesforce crm customization goes much beyond adjusting layouts. Expert Salesforce development service providers can help you customize and/or extend almost every aspect of your Salesforce-CRM to make it fit your way of doing business.

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