Wednesday, 26 December 2012

How to Sell Your App on Salesforce AppExchange?

What is Salesforce AppExchange?
AppExchange is a marketplace for cloud computing applications and consulting partners. Launched in 2005, Salesforce-AppExchange is credited to be the world’s first and largest online cloud computing applications and services marketplace. Applications sold or distributed on the exchange have been built by partners or third-party developers for the community. Users can browse, test drive, and install (from over a thousand apps) to add to their environment including apps for sales, customer service, marketing, IT & administration, human resources, finance, enterprise resource planning, and collaboration.

Whether you are a user or an independent software vendor (ISV), Salesforce-AppExchange can be immensely useful to you.

If you fall into the first category - users, AppExchange can let you extend to more departments and functions easily. Through AppExchange you can leverage the power of the Salesforce community to find best solutions to your business needs. You can instantly choose from a large pool of well-thought-out apps for common needs (without having to reinvent the wheel investing a lot of time and effort). Moreover, Salesforce-AppExchange lets you test drive your chosen app by letting you interact with it to your satisfaction in a sample instance or your production environment sandbox.

If you are an independent software vendor (ISV) into cloud apps development, AppExchange listing can be your gateway to millions of potential customers. By letting you make your app publicly available on AppExchange to 100,000+ customers, AppExchange listing dramatically improves the odds of your app’s success. The listing provides app providers with one of the fastest ways to take their applications to market, showcase those to a world-wide target audience of millions of users, and helps build rapport with potential customers.

How to List Your App on it?
Selling on AppExchange is easy: become a partner & publish your app. For becoming a partner, first select the Program Model (ISVforce or Embedded) that best suits your business. ISVforce lets you build, market, and sell your app to customers. Embedded lets you build, market, and sell your app to any customer. After choosing the best AppExchange Partner Program Model for your context, you can submit your registration and accept terms of agreement. For publishing your app, set up your Salesforce-Partner Portal, create and list your app, pass a security review, and go public to millions of potential customers. For a step-by-step summary of listing your app on the exchange, you can refer Mindfire's "Sell Your App on AppExchange" guide.

Need Some Help?
Expert development service providers like Mindfire Solutions, backed by years of experience in Salesforce customization and development for global clients across industry domains, can help you create engaging cloud apps and get those listed on the exchange. The fully-certified
Offshore Salesforce development team of Mindfire's can also powerfully customize and/or extend your CRM to help you leverage its true power for your business. If you want to customize or Hire AppExchange product developer and need some development help, get in touch with Mindfire today – call 1-248-686-1424 or email sales[@]mindfiresolutions[.]com – to leverage the strong track record and solid experience of Mindfire’s Salesforce Application development to personalize and extend capabilities and build cloud apps.

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